Fresh new look

One of the rules of blogging (apparently) is that you should maintain your branding so that people recognise your brand instantly. That means keeping the look and feel the same as well as keeping your tone of voice consistent. However, I’m not very good at keeping to the rules and I was feeling a bit glum so I thought why not have a whole fresh look? Also, I’m not a brand, I’m a person, so there you go. What do you think? Do you like the new look? Does it confuse or amuse?

3 thoughts on “Fresh new look

  1. Hi Margaret, I like your new look – but then again I’m a plant/garden fanatic. Its creates a fresh and new feel, but I’m not sure that it speaks to me of presentation, design and clarity. On the whole, I think your most recent blog design was the one I found visually reinforced the messages in your blog postings – Megan

    1. Thanks for your comments Megan. I guess the greenery is not all that connected to the idea of clarity but I was drawn to the fresh look and to the fact that the newer themes are responsive. This means that they change to suit the screen on which they are being viewed, so the new theme displays as two columns on an iPad and three columns on a desktop. Not sure what it looks like on an iPhone because I don’t have one.

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