About me

I’m a writer interested in clear communication, books and ideas.

I’ve worked as a film editor, teacher, evaluator, and communications manager. I live on the Central Coast in sunny Australia and recently retired from full-time work.

I spent my career writing and editing a wide range of documents, reports, and learning materials, and I’ve always enjoyed helping people develop their writing skills. I’m a big advocate of keeping things as simple as possible, and that rule applies to most things in my life.

Writing on this blog gives me the chance to provide writing advice, but also to chat about things that interest me. I often post about what I’m reading, or ideas I’ve been pondering. You’ll find a diverse range of topics here.

I love to connect with like-minded people so if you want to get in touch, please use the form below or connect with me via the socials. I love making new friends.

Cheers and thanks for dropping by. It would be great if you considered signing up for regular updates. I post about once a week, usually on a Sunday.

Marg xxx

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Tony and thank you for your kind comments.
    I was trying not to blab on too much about myself, but you are right in saying that people do like to know a bit about the person behind the name. I will update the ‘about’ page and include a bit of info about my background in film and television and photography. It could be long story though…
    Cheers and thanks for your interest!

  2. Love your blog. You should put more info about your wealth of experience in photography and film so the punters know of your credibility. You could also put your experience as a greyhound catcher but I think that is assumed.
    Keep it up as I know it will grow.

    Tony K

  3. Congratulations and welcome Di.
    You are the very first subscriber to my blog.
    It’s very encouraging and I will try to maintain a supply of interesting material/ideas.
    Feel free to comment on anything at all, I would love your feedback.

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