Better Evaluation

I’ve just had an article published on the Better Evaluation website. You can read it here. I wanted to share some ideas about not being an expert while also encouraging people to think about evaluation as something useful and ‘doable’ rather than something that’s too complicated or too hard.

I’m also going to be doing a short presentation on the same topic at the Australian Evaluation Society conference in September. I’m excited but also a little nervous about that. Fortunately, it’s just a five minute “ignite” presentation. Just 20 slides and then on to the next person.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

6 thoughts on “Better Evaluation

  1. Thank you for your kind words dear Abi. I like working through things with people. It’s much more fun than working on your own and you get better results.

  2. Hey Marg, I am so impressed with your article. I love the way you make it personal and focus really on the collaboration, which is what you are so fabulous at. Huge congrats on doing the paper at the conference. You are an amazing person. Love Abi xx

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  3. That’s brilliant Marg – congratulations!!

    Would you believe I taught a class on monitoring and evaluation of community projects today.

    Maybe you should come along to the Diploma class as a guest speaker?


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