What does your workspace say about you?

Continuing with my theme of organising things, I thought I’d share this post on beautiful workspaces from one of my favourite graphic design blogs called Onextrapixel. It features some of the workspaces of famous designers. For example, this is the desk of New York designer Joel Speasmaker.

Joel Speasmaker


Compare this with my workspace below. It may not be quite as beautiful as Joel’s desk, but it’s certainly functional. I think that if you spend most of the day sitting down at work, the last thing you need to do is come home and sit down some more, so I often write standing up. And when I get stuck for ideas, I just do a bit of ironing.

My workspace
An ironing board makes a great desk

Where do you do your best work? At home, at the park, in a cafe? Feel free to share.

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8 thoughts on “What does your workspace say about you?

    1. It’s funny you should say that as I often daydream about having a writing space that looks out onto a garden. Having said that, I don’t really need any encouragement to daydream. I probably do too much of that and not enough actual ‘doing’.

      1. I had a writing mentor who encouraged the dreaming as the most important part of the creative process. She suggested taking notes.

  1. Brilliant! I love that you use an ironing board, made me smile. It’s all about multi tasking! Up until a week ago I was kind of hot desking around the house but I now have a small corner of the spare room which is really cool! 🙂

    1. How wonderful. A room of one’s own. It’s just what every writer needs. Actually I think everyone really needs a little space that they can claim for themselves, but I am conscious that just having a roof over my head is something to be grateful for.

  2. Dear Margaret I am in such a sad mode, thank you for your post because it made me laugh. I love the look of your working space.

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