Posters old and new

I’ve been having an interesting conversation with the lovely Emma about lactivism (that’s a newly coined term for people who think that women should be able to breastfeed their babies in public places without being abused – something I agree with wholeheartedly). She has produced a great radio story for International Women’s Day about it. You can listen to it here:

We were talking about the fact that women have been protesting about this for many years, although its true that the issue has had a lot of press in Australia recently.

This led me to exploring posters that support breastfeeding which I thought I would share with you because they are interesting from a design perspective as well as from an historical perspective.

This first example is from the 1930s and is very typical of the poster design of that period, known as Art Deco.

Breastfeeding poster

Art Deco posters typically have very flat colours, geometric shapes, bold forms, airbrushing and stylised people.

Here are a couple of more recent posters that I just like the design of. Both use photography and some nice typography to get their message across. I like the fact that they are both bold and to the point.

Breastfeeding poster

Pink - breastfeeding poster


All of these posters are from Double Think. Check it out if you would like to see more.

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