You Don’t HAVE To Use PowerPoint…

Here is a nice blog on presentation design that I thought might interest you.
The poster board is a good idea as again, it forces you to clarify your key ideas. As Alex says, its a bit like the projects we used to do at school. Do they still do these or is it all digital these days?

Creating Communication

For my Legal and Ethical Issues in Communication graduate course, we wrote our final papers and are having “poster sessions” tonight to explain our research and our findings…

I love the idea of a visual presentation that is tangible.  Simplicity, unity through color and typeface, and an application of the rule of thirds are key to a successful posterboard.  Remember making these for the science fair back when you were younger?  I wish we could go back to these days!

When is the last time you created a visual OTHER than PowerPoint or Keynote to support your presentation?

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