About me

I’m a writer living in Australia on the sunny Central Coast with my husband, an ancient cat and two naughty whippets.

This website is home to my personal essays and reflects my changing interests over the years. I’ve been blogging here for over ten years, so you’ll find topics as diverse as communication design and thoughts on aging. Books and writing also feature heavily and reflect my ongoing interest in writing and communication.

I’ve had lots of different jobs over the years – film editor, teacher, facilitator, coach – but they all reflect my desire to help people express themselves clearly by simplifying their writing. Life is complicated enough without resorting to long, clunky sentences and convoluted ideas.

I retired from full-time work a couple of years ago and spend my days reading, writing and wandering around in the garden. I’m lucky enough to live near the ocean and enjoy swimming and cooking delicious food.

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Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

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